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This was my first anime convention and i dressed as chiii from chobits i did not make my first costume i bought it like many of us probably did.It was a new expeierience of its own i loved the people and the costumes they were beautiful and very creative . SO  as your go through my site you will see my creations and trips..ENJOY An one more thing this past year 2009 i won the best overall cosplay craftmanship award and that was my first masq and i won a major award yay


I have been going to katsucon for many years and i must say i enjoy it. It is a beautiful HOTEL and i love the great photo ops the place rocks... I hope when i have time i will be able to get back to the katsucon convention i just havent been able to make it now that im in collage.....


I went on the carnival ship the glory and let me say i had fun habd its beautiful i went to the ruins and visted wonderful places and it was an amazing experience






is were you all did find me I have been part od it ever sence 2004 .IF you are not part of the site and you love cosplay you really should join its a really amazing site to be part of..MY site name is go find me

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